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What is Sleep Apnea and different Types of it?


Have you ever noticed that your child just woke up breathing very hard in the midnight? Do you know that what is the reason of his sudden breathing problem? It is just not asthma or any other most common breathing problem that you are thinking it is. It probably is the Sleep Apnea that is very common in children and teenagers while sleeping. www.sao.org

What is Sleep Apnea?

While sleeping, everyone whether a child or an adult, takes the long breathing pauses. This breathing pause is called Sleep Apnea that is a normal thing. But sometimes, apneas can be a little longer than their normal pause and can cause decrease of oxygen in body that may disturb the sleep.

Different Types of Sleep Apnea:

The word Apnea comes from ancient Greek history that means “Without wind”. Usually, it is a common thing for everybody to take pauses when they are sleeping but when these pauses are in frequent number or for a bit long time than usual period then it is a problematic thing for everybody having sleep apnea.

Experts describe the Sleep Apnea with these three types:

  • Obstructive

  • Central

  • Mixed


This kind of sleep apnea in children can be caused due to barriers of the airways (ex: bloated tonsils and adenoids). It mostly happened when your child is sleeping because at that time, the soft tissue that is at the back of throat is on rest position. Around 1% to 3% children that are in preschool age face this type of sleep apnea but it can be found in younger child as well.


This type of apnea is linked directly to the brain and it can be found in infants at a large number. It causes when the part of the brain that controls breathing process does not work properly and it disturbs the child to sleep in a comfortable way.


As the name tells everything about it, this kind of sleep apnea is a mixture of both of the types of apnea mentioned above. It usually can be seen in either infants or younger children who are having an abnormal control of breathing. Mixed sleep apnea can attack a child either when he/she is sleeping or sometimes when the child is awake.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea:

If you are concerned about your child and want to know that if he/she is not a victim of sleep apnea then you should note down these few symptoms that identify sleep apnea.

  • Behavioral problem or sleepiness during day

  • Having problem in breathing while sleeping

  • Puffed or snoring while the child is asleep

  • Sleeping in unusual position or maybe a restless sleep

A sleep apnea can cause a major or minor attack furthermore like it can be change into Apparent Life-Threatening Events (ALTEs) or maybe in it can convert into Apnea of Prematurity (AOP) that is a common thin in infants that are born before the 34 weeks of pregnancy or maybe it can be convert into Apnea of Infancy (AOI)

Whatever the case is, if you find that your child is suffering from sleep apnea, you should immediately take him/her to your family doctor before it’s too late.



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How diet is influenced by Religious Beliefs?


There are certain things in lives of different people that influence their lives in great amount. The social factors contribute a lot towards the kind of lives that people live. When the social factors are tough then the lives of the people are very tough and when the factors are less tough then the lives can be less tough. The religion is also one of important factors that cause different sorts of situations to lives of the people. One thing to note is here that the purpose of this article is not to hurt the feeling of anyone but it’s just to analyse the diets of different religions in order to help people. Woman Of All Body Types! Lose Weight With Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Some of the people of a religion do not eat meat and they consider it to be sinful. Yes they have the right to follow their religion but they are missing many of the advantages that they are missing because of missing these foods. The meat provides a great deal of vitamins and do give you a multiple amount of vitamins in comparison to the vegetables. The vegetables do provide a wide range of nutrients and vitamins and are very much useful as well but the amount of vitamins and nutrients that the meat provide is much higher. So it is very much advisable to use meat on regular basis.

The alcohol is prohibited in most of the religions but if you are taking alcohol then you are making your body to suffer a lot. There are many of the social problems of drinking alcohol along with the health problems that it causes. The stomach damages considerably because of alcohol drinking and the body is then not able to digest the meal properly, thus causing problems to health.

The mechanism that you should follow is that to take the healthy diet. You can count the number of the advantages and disadvantages of every meal then you can decide to eat it or not. Another thing that is important here to write here is that whatever you eat should not be in excessive amount. You should take diet in a normal quantity because that will help you to have a good lifestyle. Believe it or not, eating healthy and less is the best lifestyle to follow.